I hate you deeply for all you've done to me 
might as well take my heart 
and bake is nice and crispy 
or chop off my tounge so i couldn't speak 
and i couldn't tell you
what you mean to me 
crush my feet with a hammer 
so i couldn't run after you
disect my brain to pieces 
so i couldn't think of you 
take a butcher knife slice off my hands
that way i couldn't write songs 
about all i wish i had 
why are you killing me i'm already dead 
and even though i'm gone
my love will live on 
so why are you killing me 
when i'm already dead 
just lay me down to rest so i can have peace 
bury me down in the cold hard ground 
and as i  decompose you'll always know 
my love for you continues to grow

copyright Ben Weiser 2001