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H- Hardcore, M- Modern Punk, O- Oldskool Punk, E- Emo, S- Ska, P- Pop Punk, M- Misc


      Hadcore music is often defined by screaming vocals, fast in your face music not quite punk, not quite anything else but hardcore.  Hardcore music is commonly found right alongside punk rock or Hardcore Punk.  Some bands which would be categorized as hardcore include H20, Anti-Flag, Earth Crisis, Rise Against, Better Than A Thousand, Ignite etc...  Within Hardcore music you can also find another sub-genre known as hXc.  Basically straight edge hardcore.  Hardcore music is also commonly mixed with Emo and Ska, hence Emocore, and Skacore.

Modern Punk

     Modern punk is relatively modern hence the name modern punk.  The "dance" synonomous with Hardcore/ModPunk/and Old skool would be known as moshing and or pogoing (which I never see anymore).  Mod Punk abandoned the oldskool sound to a newer fresher sound for a brand new generation of punk rock kids.  What I've noticed is a lot of Mod Punk isn't necessarily as anarchy obsessed as oldskool has be known to be.  Personally, I find Modern Punk a lot more appealing and better sounding.  It's just another phase in the constant evolution of music.  Modern punk is also divided into a million different categories I won't go into them all other than the ones posted on this page.  Some bands which fall into this category include Satanic Surfers, I Against I, BigWig, Millencolin, NUFAN, Bad Religion, Homegrown, Guttermouth, The Vandals NOFX etc..

Old skool Punk

       Oldskool punk the older stuff that started it all.  Has a lot more of a raw sound then Modern Punk does.  A lot of times goes hand in hand with Oi/Street Punk and anarchy.  These are a lot of the guys you see with leather pants and 40 foot mohawks.  Well known bands include Dead Kennedys, TSOL, Minor Threat, The Sex Pistols, The Suicidal Tendencies, Social Distortion and the Uk Subs.


     Emo, now this is one of those musical styles I enjoy listening to while I am down in the dumps.  Emo stands for Emotional and the music is well, "emotionally-charged punk rock."  A lot of times said to be a post-punk form of music.  Lyrics tend to be poetic, even whiney at times.  Emo fashion is very different then punk one well known aspect of it is known as "Emo-Glasses" which I call Buddy Holly glasses.  Emo can be broken down into many categories including Emocore, hardcore emo, post emo-indie rock etc.  From what I have heard there is such thing as an emo dance which I have never witnessed, maybe it is because I am not a very emo concert-goer.  Some bands who call into this divisions include Texas Is The Reason, Jets To Brazil, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, and The Juliana Theory.


     Ska now this is a BIG one.  Ska first originated in the 50's in Jamaica it is categorized into three different "waves."  After the music was originated in Jamaica it then spread to the UK, and the United States.  Then things really took off.  Ska is VERY different than punk.  But often times it is combined with punk (skunk) and put into the same category as punk.  Drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and HORNS are the elements that make ska, well ska.  Ska can also be categorized into Old Skool, Skacore, and Skunk which is a nickname for the mixture of ska and punk.  Ska fashion seems to be very reminiscant of older times suspenders, narrow-brimmed porkpie hats, short pants, long socks, checkerboard patterns, skinny ties, you get the picture.  Not to be a rude boy but (if you get the humor) let's move on to dancing.  Most people have heard of the ever so popular skank.  Which is the dance usually associated with Ska music.  Skanking= crazy chicken arms, low kick to a front step (look at the graphic above).  It's about getting off your seat and acting like you just don't care.  Some ska/skunk bands include The Toasters, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Operation Ivy, Rx Bandits, and The Aquabats.

Pop Punk

     Poor pop punk it's so well hated.  Pop punk is basically punk rock but a lot slower and a lot poppier.  Vocals are usually weaker and melodic.  If you ever see a punk band on TRL chances are it's a pop punk band.  A lot of people don't even consider pop punk to be punk.  I happen to think some of it is pretty good no matter what you want to categorize it as.  Despite genres if it's good I add it to my station.  But of course my opinions on what's good differs.  Some pop punk bands include MxPx, The Queers, Diesel Boy, Lazy Eye, Hangnail, and Inspection 12.


     There is so many thousands of millions of billions of musical styles/fusions/whatever the hell.  Not all of them fit into the above categories.  Bands who are deemed Misc. are either reggae, rockabilly, pyschobilly, punkabilly, new wave, modern rock, metal, and whatever else I may want to add.  Some sub-genres not covered here would be sXe, crust, skinhead, and many many others.  I just made this site to give you a brief idea of what these musical styles are all about.  If any of my information is incorrect or lacking vital info or you would like to challenge my categorization of a band or bands send me an e-mail.