Songs:  Simon Says You Suck

by Ben Weiser

the shackles of socities evils induced upon us by the self-proclaimed supremes must be shattered in order to annihilate the infectious disease of contagious hypocrisy

born into opression victim of desegragated segregation laws of the nation try to take the freedom of the open-minded controversial american try to see it your way try to be a part of it but i just can't see to be that ignorant you try to make us crash while you're telling us to fly you tell us we're blind yet i look around and why wonder it's alive in your eyes you cry when your rights have died just try to censor it try to make and end of it don't consecrate or predict our fate it'll only turn out the same  

Simon says you suck but you know what
he actually gives a fuck 
it's all the same every single day 
simon says he'll make that change

quite a bore humorless in permanent stupor try to live when death has passed time has changed from the past still talkin' out of your ass can't believe what's become of me a pawn of mediocracy it's all the same it's all the same it's all the same every which way so go fuck yourself and have a nice day

© 2001 bLuRrYGaZe (All rights reserved)