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Above is a direct link to the station page for my radio station which I run at  These stations have very very few commercials and all the songs are handpicked by me I update regularly and it rotates through the songs it's about 6 hours total of free music.  All you have to do in order to listen is install the free live 365 player it takes 2 seconds you really don't have to do anything.  Just go to the site press play and it'll guide you through the process.  This radio station is reccommended for 56k and broadband users. 
Thanks to all those who support my radio station!! 

"The Radio Still Sucks"- The Ataris.... Is mine an exception?  Let me know.
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H- Hardcore, M- Modern Punk, O- Oldskool Punk, E- Emo, S- Ska, P- Pop Punk, M- Misc

updates: 02-08-02

Wow it's been a long time since I updated I've been really busy lately, but I'm glad I finally got back here.  Sorry no sub-page updates today someday I will get to updating the movements page.  Not too long ago I saw Codename Rocky, Audio Karate, The Cause, and some of the Aquabats at Tremors.  Sadly, I missed the Rx Bandits concert.  Tonight I saw a local reggae/punk band Goldfish Don't Bounce it was a decent show.But BIG news Tremors (the #1 non-corporate venue in LV) is now being forced to make some shows 19+ I am strongly against this considering a lot of the scene is made up by kids.  Anywho, in the near future I plan to buy more space at live365 but I need your support!  Without it, it would be useless!  The Process Of Belief by Bad Religion is now in stores pick up a copy today!
Concert Updates For Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 15 Alkaline Trio & Boucing Souls @ HOB
Feb. 21 Tsunami Bomb @ Tremors
Mar. 8 Dashboard @ Anniversary @ HOB
Mar. 13 Tiger Army, Distillers, Nekromantix @Tremors

Featured Artist of Feb: No Fun At All
There name is a lie this band is fun, fun to listen to that is.

  Added the followings songs to the playlist:
H Facts Of Life by Belvedere
M Lose Another Friend by No Fun At All
H Breaking Me Up by Raised Fist
O I Am A Poseur by X-Ray Specs

Current Funny Picture to Waste Empty Space

updates: 01-01-02

Well plenty's been going on lately.  As you can see I've done a lot to this site I've been working to promote it.  I've noticed a few other punk radio stations out there which are much bigger than mine.  Some of them are pretty impressive.  I'm not going to try to compete I'm just going to play what I like and make the most out of my little site. 
Concert Updates For Las Vegas, NV
01/05/02 Pennywise @ the HOB
alright folks a few more days now this is a show I am NOT going to miss!

Featured Artist of Jan: Good Riddance
In your face punk from California (no surprise) they manage to have balls and catchy lyrics at the same time.  I like! I like!

  Added the followings songs to the playlist:
I will be taking a very short hiatus from uploading any new songs.  Any day now I plan on purchasing more Megs at live365 so I will be able to host more and more music.


updates: 12-30-01

A very happy new year to everyone mine wasn't but I won't get into that.  I did NOT get to go to the Guttermouth concert last night but I'm sure it was a real mind blower.  I'd changed around this site a littel bit more please comment on my new background whether or not you like it, I do think it is better than the plaid one I had previously.  Please direct any comments to the guestbook or my e-mail box. 
Concert Updates For Las Vegas, NV
  Added the followings songs to the playlist:
 M Chasing Amy by Allister
 SMRoom Without A Window by Operation Ivy
O Make A Stand by River City Rebels
SM Alternative Radio by Slapstick

updates: 12-24-01

2 major updates in the past two days which is very uncommon.  Some bigot has posted in my guestbook so I played around with there message a little bit.  I've added a pic of myself to the bottom of this site :).  No new concert updates today.  If you have any suggestions on what songs I should add to this site please post it in my guestbook and I will look into them.  Pretty soon this page will include all my song lyrics which I have written.  In the future I also plan on doing interviews of local bands.  A merry xmas to those who celebrate it and have a great day.  Ben signing out... 
  Added the followings songs to the playlist:
M Urine Nation by 30 Foot Fall
 P Ordinary by Antifreeze
H Old School Recess by H2O
PM A.D.D. by Ten Foot Pole
M Story Of My Life by Social Distortion
M It's Not Enough by Youth Brigade
P Hazy Shade Of Winter by Bodyjar
M Identity Crisis by Thrice
S The Beer Song by Mustard Plug
E Understanding In A Car Crash by Thrusday
E B-54 by Over It
P Say Anything New by Up For Grabs
P I Hate Your Fucking Guts by The Queers

updates: 12-23-01

Featured Artist Of DecInspection 12
Catchy Pop Punk Vocals have landed them a spot on Punktopia Radio!

Concert Updates For Las Vegas, NV
12/27 Defiance, Attack, Social Deviance @ Tremors $8 Cover
01/05/02 Pennywise @ HOB $12 online, starts at 7:15, All Ages
12/31/01 Guttermouth @ The Huntridge

The show at Tremors w/ Faded Grey, Mad Caddies and Rise Against was great!  Mad Caddies stole the show.  I'm currently in the process of writing lyrics for a band I hope to form sometime in the near future.  I'm currently struggling to get my station noticed I appreciate everyone who has taken there time to help me out in any way whatsoever.

Added the followings songs to the playlist:
M Last Believer by Good Riddance
M Mind Of My Own by Strung Out
E Skips a Beat by Promise Ring
E All Things Ordinary by The Anniversary
M Oh No by Limp
E The Most Depressing Song by The Get Up Kids
P Dear Charlotte by Craig's Brother
PM Big Sparkling New by Diesel Boy
P Sweet Sixteen by Inspection 12
MHope by Sublime
H Great Awakening by Rise Against
M Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly
HS Rock the 40 oz by Leftover Crack
P Vivian by Nerf Herder
PM I Hear You Calling by GOB


updates: 12-02-01

Added the followings songs to the playlist:
Waiting by Finch
Kyoto Now by Bad Religion
Blister in the Sun by Face to Face
Pay To Cum by Bad Brains
Pepper by Millencolin
Jellygoose by Millencolin
Bikeage by The Descendants
Pretty Girls Don't Talk to Me by Screeching Weasel
You Don't Know Shit by Youth Brigade
My Right by Screeching Weasel
Believe in Something by Youth Brigade
I Want to Hold Your Hand by I Against I
Ordinary Fight by I Against I
Broken by Bad Religion
Sick 'o me by The Descendants
Epiphany by Bad Religion
Hope by The Descendants
Kiss Off by The Violent Femmes
Lifestyle of Rebellion by Against All Authority

* Exclusive!  All new Bad Religions songs are from there upcoming album The Process Of Belief which will not be released until 2 months from now!

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