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Rant 02/10/02

You know what I find to be quite bothersome.  The so called "punk" kids.  You know the type.  I'm not talking about the guys who are anarchists and know the difference between Crass and Slipknot.  I'm talking of the people who are the opposite of this.  The kids of think rebellion is smoking pot, there favorite band is linkin park, they don't know the difference between punk and metal, there favorite store is hot topic and they go around wearing anarchy memorabilia and they say that they are punks.  Unfortunately, this kids roam the hallways in our schools and totally bring down the whole scene.  To them anarchy is throwing toilet paper at innocent peoples houses, and picking fights.  Little do they know most REAL anarchists are about peace, they are pacifists rather than violent people who go around vandalizing property.  So where do this kids come off saying that they are "punk?"  I think it's all tied in with the mainstreaming of so called punk rock.  Blink 182, Sum 41, etc...  I personally do not consider these bands anything more than pop rock rather than punk.  I've even heard of people calling Korn a punk band!  It's really sad, I often times refer to these kids as MTV Corporate Punks (aka Posers).  This is what MTV has done to our beloved music through mainstream television it has potrayed punk rock to the un-educated youth of America in this whiny pop bratty kid kind of way.  I truly hate it.  For this reason I never call myself a "punk" because then people jump on you with stereotypes, and call you a poser.  But forever I will continue to listen to the music which I've grown up loving and no matter how many Sum 41's there is I know that there will always be REAL punk rockers who hold true to the scene.  If you happen to be one of those Linkin Park, pot smoking, anarchy clothing wearing, hot topic shopping, alternative rock radio listening modern day punks, stop for a second and learn what punk rock really is about and you'll discover how big of a goof ball you are.

Rant 01/01/02

Ahh the ever so popular struggle between human and computer.  You want it to print it doesn't want to.  You want your cable modem to be up and running it's not even working.  If only with a snap of your fingers could your favorite web site would appear and all your e-mail would be downloaded we'd spend a lot more of our precious lives outdoors.  But sad to say the more technology we get the more complicated things become.  All I can say is I'm hoping some bolt of lightening will strike my computer and get my printer printing and my scanner scanning.  Until then I guess I'll spend the time I could be printing out camping or something.  Maybe even roast some marshmellows.

Rant 12/30/01

You know what really gets to me?  Do ya?  Do ya?  It's when your sitting around at home stairing at the cracks in the ceiling and you say "fuck" why don't I go out and do something.  So you call your fat friend Timmy he's too busy eating a ham sandwich, then you call John, John is busy sewing his penis back together from last nights gay pride parade, and then your very last friend Tina happens to be plucking her ass hairs while working out of Richard Simmons videos therefore is too busy to make time for you.  So you say you know what my life is really fucking pathetic and I need to find something to do.  So you get your skateboard go outside do a few kickfips and whatnot and then you come back home.  Only to realize your friend just called and wanted to go hang out with you and you fucking blew your only chance.  So then you are stuck at home looking like an asshole with your penis hanging out of your pants and your mind up in the clouds watching reruns of Cheers while typing on your computer about how pahthetically boring things are especially when you can't find anything to do.  Has this ever happened to anyone?